Urban sound, with an emphasis on the driving beats of bass and percussion, digital or otherwise. 2NE1 is perhaps the premier Korean Hip Hop girl group.

EXID - Ah Yeah Up And Down
Exceed In Dreaming

EXID, short for "Exceed In Dreaming", took a mix of hooky pop and slapped it with a thick, garish coat of hip hop hot pink to create a formula they've been churning out (somewhat predictably) since 2012.

The Real Deal

I think KPop might have been a passing fancy for my jaded ears if not for this quartet. In just two short years, the remarkably prolific Mamamoo has emerged from the small incubator of Rainbow Bridge to capture the hearts and ears of music fans from Asia and beyond.

2NE1 - Bad as in not good.
Not Bad As In Not Good

Alright, 2NE1. Generally recognized as the most popular KPop group outside South Korea (though f(x) certainly might have more western acclaim). This is the group that a lot people say will be the first Korean artist to take root (as a serious artist, not as a novelty like PSY) in America (or the western world in general).