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Cross-Company Rookie Supergroup

Yes, there's 11 of them. They were formed in 2016 on the musical reality/competition program "Produce 101" in which the group was chosen through a series of trials from a pool 101 trainees from various companies. It was a popular program and ensured them a broad platform or recognition from which to launch their already sky-rocketing careers.

9Muses - Kpop Idols
A Flurry Of Idols

Building off a trend for larger-sized vocal groups, 9Muses was formed 2010 and have gone through a number of changes over the years. Currently they're down to eight members, possibly soon to be six.

EXID - Ah Yeah Up And Down
Exceed In Dreaming

EXID, short for "Exceed In Dreaming", took a mix of hooky pop and slapped it with a thick, garish coat of hip hop hot pink to create a formula they've been churning out (somewhat predictably) since 2012.

Twice - Let's Dance Screen
JYP's Teenage Girl Gang

Twice is JYP's reality-show-formed teenage girl group that has burst upon the scene since 2015 with their killer debut single "Like Ooh Ahh!" I'm sure we'll be writing more about them as the weeks and months progress, but for now, here's "Like Ooh Ah!"

Miss A
JYP's Sensual Sirens

Currently in a bit of flux, having lost one member and the rest persuing solo projects, apparently, this JYP hot girl girl group, with their great looks, charisma, sweet and tight harmonies, and great boots, put out a string of major hits beginning in 2010.

Red Velvet - KPop Artists
The New State of the Art

While SM's critic's favorite girl group f(x) was mired in controversy and forced to abandon their "Red Light" promotions with their fate in question, the company unveiled a new quirky/cute quartet named Red Velvet.

The Real Deal

I think KPop might have been a passing fancy for my jaded ears if not for this quartet. In just two short years, the remarkably prolific Mamamoo has emerged from the small incubator of Rainbow Bridge to capture the hearts and ears of music fans from Asia and beyond.

Pushing Envelopes

Sexy, elegant and often sweet, this group debuted in 2011 as a sextet, and is currently a quartet.

GIrl's Day
Girl Power Pop

Cute and sexy, Girl's Day (not to be confused with the KPop superstars Girls' Generation) first made waves as a quintet with the quirky, spunky technopop classic "Nothing Lasts Forever." While it didn't garnish much attention at the time, it is worth repeated listens and maybe one of the most underrated KPop songs of all

Stellar the KPop Erotic Group
Sexy As An Artform

Stellar is one of several groups that have gravitated to the "sexy concept" after starting off in a different direction. And, according to an interview in Korea's Christian No Cut News, it was a direction they did not originally embrace.