Younha, Cheeta, Ha:tfelt

Moving on from #35 though #21, we present #20 through #11. One we noticed as we compiled the list is that none of the songs actually feature any of our "biases." Hopefully, with careful browsing of this site, it would be clear who our two favorite groups are. One of them released a STATION throwaway that we definitely enjoyed, the other released an outstanding album - that would be on our top album lists, but despite the overwhelming success of the singles they released in 2016, none of them were as good as the next songs on this list:

SNSD at K-Con

In part one, we presented some of KPop's important artists and a peek at some of the ways KPop is presented and absorbed: music video, live television, dance practice and performance videos, radio, even game shows, etc. But we didn't even scratch the surface. If you made it this far, having absorbed all of part one, we'll introduce some essentials, some personal favorites, and some of the unusual aspects of KPop culture that you won't find anywhere else.