Nomu Nomu Nomu - IOI - Very Very Very

I.O.I - Very, Very, Very

If you've been into KPop for a while, you might get entrenched, holding on to the biases you won't admit you have and resisting anything new or younger to displace them from their pedestals. You see it all the time in the YouTube comment section. "Oh, I miss the old days of KPop... yeah, back in 2013..." But then there are times when you just have to get the hell out of the way of yourself. This might be one of those times.

Solar in Hashtag New York Sarangye!

Mamamoo: New York

Just the other day I was explaining Mamamoo to someone who thought that it was odd that I actually listened to Korean music (join the club). Trying to come up with an western group that have a similar sound, I compared them to Little Feat and their saucy retrogumbo mix of R&B, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Rock and Pop. It might have been a slight stretch, but not much.

Cosmic Girls Practice Screw Theory In Secret

WJSN (Cosmic Girls): The Secret

Okay, normally I don't go for this kind of giant aegyo group. Sure, I'm down with the huge boyband/girlgroup thing, having spent more time than I care to admit watching Afterschool, 9Muses, or even SNSD. When does a girl group become more like, well, the Laker Girls? Singing cheerleaders? It seems weird but probably only because I'm from Massachusetts and not Hiroshima or Busan.