suzy yes no maybe hong kong

Suzy - Yes No Maybe

When rumors of the possible disbandment of JYP's exemplary Sino-Korean girl group, Miss A, began to circulate months ago, I took some time to revisit one of the best groups I've never written about, particularly their last full LP, Hush, an underrated gem of sleek dance-pop. After the recent departures of 2NE1 and the Wonder Girls, losing Miss A would make this winter one of the most bittersweet in KPop history.

SNSD's Seohyun Solo Don't Say No Dance

Seohyun - Don't Say No

For the first time since she was discovered by an S.M. scout on the Seoul subway in 2003, Seo Joo-hyun, known better as SNSD's maknae Seohyun, goes solo, with her EP Don't Say No and its title track. Certainly a proud moment for the legions of Sones who adore her, but a well-deserved step into the limelight for the one who seems to have artistically matured and refined her talents over time more than anyone else in the iconic girl group.

Jay Park's Protege Hoody Goes Solo

Hoody - By Your Side (ft. Jinbo)

The first female vocalist/songwriter/producer signed by Jay Park's independent AOMG label, Hoody (Kim Hyun-Jung), former bandmate of hiphop cult favorite KittyB and guest vocalist on several of Jay Park's most recent singles, finally stakes a claim of her own on the burgeoning Seoul indy R&B scene with a classic disco-flavored R&B number "By Your Side" from her impressive solo EP On and On.

Jessica Jung and the SNSD Diaspora

Jessica Jung and the Soshi Diaspora

With the release of "Wonderland," exiled SNSD fashion plate Jessica Jung fights the good fight, returning without the "Comeback" fanfare of South Korean weekly music shows, undoubtedly due to her rift with KPop's largest entertainment company, SM and its broad blacklisting muscle. After all, SM is making a big push to reap the rewards of the remaining Soshi members with their own solo efforts.

Blackpink In Your Area - Rose's Feet

Blackpink - Playing With Fire

This has been a prosperous season for the youngest wave of new idol groups. Sparkly fresh-faced groups are slipping into the concepts once enjoyed by their sunbaenim but with hits, views and downloads surpassing anything their trailblazers ever enjoyed. BTS brashly invades Bigbang's space, Twice pops the bubblegum queendom once owned by SNSD, Red Velvet bounces through territory once owned exclusively by f(x) and now... YG's new 2EN1, Blackpink.