Twice TT JYP's Cute Girl Army

Twice - TT

Continuing the theme of the neverending turnover of talent in the young Korean pop music world, JYP's coy, aegyo-infused monster girl group takes over with their best release to date. With I.O.I facing disbandment due to their unique temporary formation, Twice is poised to inherit (from SNSD) the role of Hallyu's number one massive-cute-fresh-faced-young idol group.

Not that SNSD is going anywhere soon, but they've smoothly transitioned to a more glamourous image, leaving the multinational Twice to muscle out all challengers, powered by the irrepresible Park Jin Young.

Twice's impressive rise to eminence was powered by the popular reality show (like I.O.I) that chose their members, and two KPop instant classics, "Like Ooh Ah" and the oddly popular ESL-powered "Cheer Up." "TT" is perhaps their most sophisticated title track to date, from their third E.P. "TWICEcoaster: LANE 1." Once again the girls rely on their adorable charm, spunk and considerable dance skills more than their actual vocal talent which can't really touch some of the more established groups like Sistar, Girl's Day, Mamamoo, f(x), Red Velvet, or even their apparent model, SNSD (Girls' Generation). 

"TT" is infectious and the video, Hallowe'en themed just in time, is fun and cute; the kind of unpretentious eye-candy that KPop is known for: