Blackpink In Your Area - Rose's Feet

Blackpink - Playing With Fire

This has been a prosperous season for the youngest wave of new idol groups. Sparkly fresh-faced groups are slipping into the concepts once enjoyed by their sunbaenim but with hits, views and downloads surpassing anything their trailblazers ever enjoyed. BTS brashly invades Bigbang's space, Twice pops the bubblegum queendom once owned by SNSD, Red Velvet bounces through territory once owned exclusively by f(x) and now... YG's new 2EN1, Blackpink.

The new pretty little princess badgirls burst onto the scene earlier this year with a pair of singles/videos, the minimalistic and infectious "Whistle" and an exotic romp called "Boombaya" that harkened their 2NE1's international hit "I Am The Best." Negashayshallaga... Boombayah... The dropdead gorgeous quartet features an Australian-Korean main singer Rosé (Roséanne Park) who was born in New Zealand, New Zealander Jennie Kim who was born in South Korea, Seoulite visual Kim Jisoo, and YG's first-ever non-Korean artist, the Thai main rapper Lisa (Pranpriya Manoban).

Their latest all-kill "Playing With Fire" is a coy, classic KPop dance number and their most accessible and mature release yet. Still overwhelmingly teenagery (if it's not a word, it should be) but a taut, solid composition that could work its way into almost any age group's playlist. Particularly notable are Rosé's sultry vocals that lead into the song's signature riff and Lisa's surprisingly lengthy and bratty rap. With their looks, solid voices (particularly Rosé and Jennie) and energetic, sharp choreography, Blackpink is a blockbuster hit with the kids, but certainly a group for the grownups to keep an eye and ear on. Dig: