Hyeri Wants To Kick Your Ass

Girl's Day - I'll Be Yours

I guess it was up to one of KPop's leading supergroups to punch through KPop's recent obsession with cute and coy and deliver a bold, fiercely sexual in-your-face ass-shaking anthem. With doe-eyed youngsters from GFriend to Twice to Pristin to even Red Velvet batting their eyelashes and driving up the hit counters on YouTube, iTunes and Spotify, Girls' Day returns from a nearly two-year hiatus and smacks everyone upside the head with their new track "I'll Be Yours" from the E.P. Everyday #5. But is it a hit?

Known for some of the most iconic sexy concept anthems in KPop, in particular "Something" and "Expectation," the flagship musical group from Dream Tea Entertainment, known more as an incubator of actors and actresses, Girl's Day has never held back from roaring with unabashed feminine sexuality. Like After School, but more playful than intense, the quartet has been known to widen eyes and drop jaws with their combination of great looks, legs, and solid vocal abilities, lead by the sloe-eyed Minah (Bang Min Ah).

While the real gem of Everyday #5 is "Thirsty", the single "I'll Be Yours" might be the punch in the head KPop kind of needs at the moment. It starts out sounding like the kind of retro, brassy, jazz-flavored R&B that Mamamoo cut their teeth on, but even more aggressively than the coy "Mr. Ambiguous" and "Piano Man." Insistant staccato piano chords, swing brass and thumping stand-up bass kick this number off, punctuated by fingersnaps, then giving way immediately to a taste of the chorus, right off the bat, before diving into the first verse, belted out by main vocalists Minah and 30-year-old Sojin (Park So Jin), trading leads seamlessly. The two original members have powered Girl's Day's vocal attackfrom day one when they were just a spunky quintet, and show no signs of letting up. Combined with the star power of maknae Hyeri (Lee Hye Ri) and the additional sex appeal of Yura (Kim Ah Young), Girl's Day is one of KPop's most formidible groups, and "I'll Be Yours" seems designed to make a powerful statement for their long-awaited comeback: They're back and they're not going anywhere.

The song builds, as most good KPop tracks do, the choruses intensified by snarling buzzy electric guitars and horn stabs, then swirling through a rangy break that features and a capella belt from Minah and rap from Yura, before the big, brassy, ballsy finish. "I'll Be Yours" bucks the trend of cute bubble gum mixed with new jack swing that dominates KPop in 2017, and while, not their best, most dancible track, is certainly a fun listen, and a vehicle for their considerable mix of talent and swagger. KPop is a better scene with Girl's Day than without it and we hope they don't wait another two years for another punch in the face. WItness:

This song doesn't quite have the staying power of "Something" or "Expectation", and it's almost a little too retro for most KPop enthusiasts, but it's a welcome gasp of fresh air. As mentioned before, the real gem for us on Everyday #5 is "Thirsty."