Wonder Girls
Appropriately Named

One of the Korean Pop Girl Groups with the most western appeal is a creation of Park Jin-Young, CEO of the third of the big three music companies, JYP, the appropriately named Wonder Girls. Originally a quintet, this talented and iconic group has gone in somewhat of a reverse direction as AOA, starting primarily as a dance group and morphing over the years to an actual band, thanks to the musical abilities of the remaining four members: drummer/rapper/bombshell Kim Yubin, keytarist Park Ye-eun (also known as Yenny or the cryptic Ha:tfelt), bassist Lee Sunmi, and guitarist and frontgirl Woo Hyerim (also known as Hyelim or just Lim).

The Wonder Girls have churned out many tunes that could be considered K-Pop classics, most notably the snappy and oft-covered "Tell Me," the Motown-rehash "Nobody," and the completely irresistable epic "Like This" (One of the greatest flashmob MVs ever). Check it, love it:

They've also had a modicum of crossover success in the U.S., making them perhaps one of the most recognizable Korean acts in America. They've opened for the Jonas Brothers, took on their own 20-city tour of the U.S. and Canada (no small feat for an Asian group of any kind) and have churned out more English language releases and versions than perhaps anyone, including an all-English collaboration with American rapper Akon, "Like Money" (don't adjust your set).

After a lenghty hiatus amid rumors of disbandment, the girls triumphantly and audaciously re-emerged in 2015 as an actual four-piece band with the album Reboot and the infectious Prince-like single "I Feel You."

Theirs is one of the most remarkable journeys in Korean pop music. It'll be fun to see what they do in the future.

UPDATE: Proving that you never know what to expect from this idols, they released their 2016 comeback, notching an all-kill with a fairly traditional reggae number, "Why So Lonely?"

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