Stellar the KPop Erotic Group
Sexy As An Artform

Stellar is one of several groups that have gravitated to the "sexy concept" after starting off in a different direction. And, according to an interview in Korea's Christian No Cut News, it was a direction they did not originally embrace. Since they have made that common metamorphosis, they've done it with a brazen intensity that is unmatched, pending a now-improbable Afterschool comeback.

Firing off as quirky and cute elecropop divas with the adorable flops "Rocket Girl" and "UFO", they regrouped after their ambivalent response from the public and presented East Asia with the sexy and slick "Marionette," the song that apparently finally allowed them to pay some bills and continue as an idol group. "Rocket Girl" and "UFO" are two of the most underrated cuts in K-Pop, but "Marionette" opened eyes and introduced the public to the quartet's considerable charm, despite the inevitable controversy of being too erotic. The ladies, admirably enough, responded to the message-board comments about their sluttiness with the adorable but hardly memorable "Fool," which actually showed them reading the lamentable reactions on a laptop. It also featured someone in a gorilla suit for some reason. Not sure.

Nevertheless, the die was cast and the quartet and their small company began unleasing silky-smooth singles promoted with lots of body parts and sultry wonton gazes into the camera. Their most notable pearl in the string has to be the devilishly coy and symbolic "Vibrato," a slick little piece of musical eroticism that features an epic climax, essentially a pop music orgasm. While relying on titilation to draw attention, the members themselves certainly have a star power of their own, particularly their singer-rapper and maknae Junyool (Yeon Yoo Ri) whose visuals and distinctive vocal style add greatly to the groups' overall appeal. Oh heck, they're all gorgeous.

Update: Stellar releases a new single in July of '16, written by Brave Brothers. A match made in heaven. And I don't really know, when it comes to Stellar, I don't know if I'm digging the song in the video or the video because Stellar is so damn adorable.... That's KPop! Watch:

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