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Orange Caramel, one of the more unusual groups from Korea, is a trio and subunit of After School featuring the ravishing good looks and sleek dance moves of Nana (Im Jin-Ah), the sparkling and comedic personality of Lizzy (Park Soo-Young), and the remarkable vocal range of lead singer Raina (Oh Hye-Rin). Over a few short years, this effervescent trio created some of the most unusual but popular songs on the Seoul music scene. Drawing from a myriad of musical influences, including many traditional Asian sounds mixed with a highly dancable and energetic techno-disco beat, they perform with a comedic aegyo-laced vocal style and expressive and inventive choreography that may remind some of the Japanese trio Perfume.

Like the group that spawned them, Orange Caramel is on a mysterious hiatus. Mysterious in that they've never officially disbanded, their members are active in solo projects and careers in different fields and their music company is still in business, currently cranking out hit after hit with the boy bands Nu'est and Seventeen.

Having said that, they have be included here simply because of their gifts to the KPop constellation, the adorable and addictive "Lipstick" and the exotic and controversial "Catellena," which features one of KPop's most memorable videos of all time. These two gems, and others like "My Copycat" and the B-Side "I'm Sorry," help to define the Orange Caramel sound, one which is decidedly Asian but worthy of Western consideration. They're exotic and quirky and we hope they have more in the tank.

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