GIrl's Day
Girl Power Pop

Cute and sexy, Girl's Day (not to be confused with the KPop superstars Girls' Generation) first made waves as a quintet with the quirky, spunky technopop classic "Nothing Lasts Forever." While it didn't garnish much attention at the time, it is worth repeated listens and maybe one of the most underrated KPop songs of all time. Starting with a bouncy strut reminisent of the flashy new wave of the 80's, the song builds and changes, marked by a truly epic bridge climaxing in lead singer Minah's soaring long high note. One of KP Oppa's favorites.

Much like Stellar and AOA and many other Korean girl groups, they quickly developed their sound and image. In this case, the pluckish leatherettes in Nothing Lasts Forever" have transformed to a more sleek and sexy style. While they've taken on more of an R&B sound than the jaunt in "Nothing Lasts Forever," they are still noted for their interesting or surprising keychanges (as in "Expectation"), changes in direction (Girl Power Anthem "Female President" for example)  and, of course, Minah, who is one of those performers that's hard to take your eye off of. Her histrionic vocal riffs and pained expressions make "Something" the megahit it has become.

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