Brown Eyed Girls - KPop Renegades
브라운 아이드 걸스
Renegades of KPop

Brown Eyed Girls, or BEG, have just celebrated ten years in the KPop industry, which is epic considering how the longevity of most KPop groups should be measured in "dog years." They have a reputation for putting out strong material and self-direction.

In fact, the group was co-founded by its leader, Jea, who recruited Miryo, already an established rap artist, along with Narsha, an up-and-coming singer. The group's other member, Gain, or Ga In, has a very successful solo career with a string of hits of her own. BEG's monster hit "Abracadabra" is on many critics "Best of Kpop" lists. You might have even heard it yourself. Check it:

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