AOA - Ace of Angels
Sexy And Smart

This talented and popular group features 7½ members (that's right) and has one of the more unusual evolutions of current KPop hitmakers. The first girl group created by a company, FNC, that specializes in actual bands (in which members actually play instruments), Ace of Angels (now almost exclusively known as AOA) began life with a dual identity, one that indeed, is a real band, and the other a more typical KPop dance group. (Their ½ member is the band's drummer "Y", who does not appear with the dance group.) Their story might be similar to Stellar, where the group abandoned a more ambitious original look and style to one that involves layers and layers of cheesecake, shaking their considerable visuals to garnish more attention. Sell out? Maybe. Either way, AOA is one of the most talented groups in all of South Korea, with one of the best repertoires in the business.

AOA can be broken down two ways, they have two lead singers (Choa and Yuna), two rappers (Jimin and Chanmi), two visuals (Seolhyun and Hyejeong) and Mina, their petite bass player, who also sings and dances. It's an effective formula and the septet is blessed with a wealth of some of the most well-written and well-produced songs in KPop. While many elite groups have some identifying touch that separates them from the herd, AOA is just pure KPop and perhaps the best at it, particularly their fruitful collaboration with Korean hitmaker Brave Brothers which has resulted in a string of instant classic earcandy like "Miniskirt," "Short Hair," their signature song "Like A Cat," and the chart-slaying electopop anthem "Heart Attack."

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