(G)I-DLE What's In Your House?

K-Pop is a single-song-and video-driven universe and most albums are more E.P. length (or mini-album) than L.P. length. And usually, almost invariably, they offer the lead track (often mistakenly called a "title" track) or single, with one, two or three additional tracks thrown in to show a little of the artist's range, the obligatory ending ballad, and often an instrumental version of the lead track. And just like any genre, often your favorite track, the most compelling track is not the single.

Na Young Leads Pristin

Pristin - Weewoo

For reasons unknown to me (and most people), Pledis Entertainment decided to let their iconic sexy concept group After School and its unique, quirky and popular subunit Orange Caramel lay fallow after the predetermined retirements of their leadership, first Kahee, then Jung Ah. They then dumped all of their resourses incubating the thirteen-member cutesy boy band Seventeen at the expense of their other, more compelling and mature male group Nu'Est.