Hyeri Wants To Kick Your Ass

Girl's Day - I'll Be Yours

I guess it was up to one of KPop's leading supergroups to punch through KPop's recent obsession with cute and coy and deliver a bold, fiercely sexual in-your-face ass-shaking anthem. With doe-eyed youngsters from GFriend to Twice to Pristin to even Red Velvet batting their eyelashes and driving up the hit counters on YouTube, iTunes and Spotify, Girls' Day returns from a nearly two-year hiatus and smacks everyone upside the head with their new track "I'll Be Yours" from the E.P. Everyday #5. But is it a hit?

GIrl's Day
Girl Power Pop

Cute and sexy, Girl's Day (not to be confused with the KPop superstars Girls' Generation) first made waves as a quintet with the quirky, spunky technopop classic "Nothing Lasts Forever." While it didn't garnish much attention at the time, it is worth repeated listens and maybe one of the most underrated KPop songs of all