Krystal Jung - Maknae of f(x)

June One Kim/Krystal Jung: I Don't Wanna Love You

Once again, after another game-changing and universally praised album that seemed to save their status as KPop's cool kid girl group, the future of f(x) is murky after a recent temper tantrum by Amber on Instagram, complaining about what seemed to be her monolithic company, SM.  The members solo projects and growth as musical artists has offered their fans hope for a promising follow up to 4 Walls. The latest glimpse of their enigmatic maknae only enhance that glimmer of hope.

f(x) the quartet
Inventive and Unique

f(x) is a multinational quartet that makes some of the most interesting pop music coming out of South Korea. Consisting of their Chinese leader Victoria (Qien Song), Chinese-American rapper and vocalist Amber Liu, Korean-American maknae Krystal Jung, and Korean lead singer Luna (Park Sun Young).