Hyerin Turns It Up For Bame Bame EXID

EXID - Night Rather Than Day

Lately, a lot of vocal groups have lost signicant members and not only survived, but used the shake-up to refocus and reload. Significant examples include SNSD parting ways with Jessica Jung (with mixed results), f(x) parting with their visual then maturing to a sleeker, more mature trop-house blend, Dal*Shabet and Brave Girls lost two members and immediately released their best singles ever, Beast (now Highlight) lost a member but also a name in their battle with their former company, and recently Winner lost their main vocalist then dropped what could be their best work yet. When you lose a lead vocalist of the caliber of Heo Sol Ji (Solji), considered one of KPop's top voices, can you move on?

EXID - Ah Yeah Up And Down
Exceed In Dreaming

EXID, short for "Exceed In Dreaming", took a mix of hooky pop and slapped it with a thick, garish coat of hip hop hot pink to create a formula they've been churning out (somewhat predictably) since 2012.