(G)I-DLE What's In Your House?

K-Pop is a single-song-and video-driven universe and most albums are more E.P. length (or mini-album) than L.P. length. And usually, almost invariably, they offer the lead track (often mistakenly called a "title" track) or single, with one, two or three additional tracks thrown in to show a little of the artist's range, the obligatory ending ballad, and often an instrumental version of the lead track. And just like any genre, often your favorite track, the most compelling track is not the single.

EXID performs Lady

Okay, we're finally back. And to kick off 2019, we'll take a look back at ten of the coolest (or dopest to use a more fleetingly trendy vernacular) KPop songs of 2018, performed by female artists or girl groups. Now, these aren't necessarily the "best" songs, or even necessarily our ten favorites. Huh? Well, some of them are but no, they're ten KPop tracks and their corresponding videos that someone who's never experienced KPop or thinks they don't like KPop might really enjoy. Even if they won't ever admit it. Something your music nerd friends would like. Maybe.